Multimedia in Lisbon: March 2014

In early March 2014 I had the pleasure of participating in a multimedia course, Europeans Sharing Views, in Lisbon Portugal. The course was financed through a EU Comenius In-Service Training grant – the very last at least for my part, since the LLP program is being transformed to the – at the time of this writing – still very new Erasmus+ .

The course brought together 17 educators from 15 European countries – and several of those in the group had learned about the course through eTwinning! This is, I believe, a typical example of how well eTwinning connects European educators; it is also very probable that new eTwinning projects will get started by the participants.

The course focused on digital storytelling, both using photos and video, and the material used was shot by the participants during photo walks in central Lisbon and beautiful Almada area, just south of the city center. It was a busy week and definitely a fun one; what amazing energy we had in this truly multi cultural group, in that way representing the colourful city of Lisbon itself.

Many thanks to Rui Baltazar, his Portugese colleagues and all the new friends I made during this great week. We will keep in touch!

Kind regards,

Niilo Alhovaara


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